It often costs TEN TIMES more to find a new customer than keep a current one... so how can you increase your customer base AND keep your current customer base strong? By building customer Loyalty!

"Getting customers to buy from you once will boost your business, but what will really boost your bottom line is getting them to buy from you again and again. You need to develop a follow-up system to stay in regular contact with customers so they'll think of you when they're ready to buy again." - Diane Perlmutter (quote Entrepreneur Magazine)

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With over 300 million people using social networks it's a potential your business should not overlook... CustomerEclub can help your business reach this massive group to drive email opt-ins and new customer acquisition.

Facebook and Email Marketing go hand in hand... our technical staff can help you put a fan page together and can even place an embedded email sign up form tab seamlessly into your facebook pages.

If you’re pondering what social media marketing can do for your business, or if you're already on board CustomerEclub solutions can help you grow your social media presence!

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